Even though none of the creative and artistic hobby enticed me for a long time, one thing I was always curious about was why some pictures looked so amazing. That mystery fascinated me. It led me to talk with one photographer who suggested me to attend the free workshop from one photography professor. I went to the workshop to understand the basic concepts about photography. He allowed me to take few pictures with his camera. At the end of 3 days of workshop, the professor (Ketan Modi) was impressed by my photography skills. He suggested me to use his camera for few more days. Really happy with this opportunity, I went on the streets of India and started street photography. I enjoyed photography so much that it started as escapism from the stressful medical school studies. I decided photography would be my life long hobby. Over subsequent few years, I continued doing street photography and one of my photograph was selected in National Geographic. Being a street photographer, I never had exposure to do fashion or wedding photography. With photography just as a hobby, I started studying for further training in the US. At the same time, I started research in Phoenix, AZ. I met my husband there who I fell in love with and we got married. In the US, buying photography gears was possible and I started experimenting with strobes, etc. I started going to meet ups where I met many creative people. Also, I found many other resources of learning like workshops, creative live, etc. All these events ignited my mind and I realized how much I love photography. Subsequently, I played around with the idea of doing wedding photography. During this experimentation, I started contacting wedding photographers and bouncing around ideas with them. I started learning wedding photography by working as an assistant and second shooter. I realized that learning in the pressured environment of weddings improved my skills tremendously. Weddings are very unpredictable and requires one to be truly a master as anything can happen because there is no controlled environment. I like to work through that challenge and create wonderful images. My ability to understand peoples' emotion due to my love for psychology and providing heart touching images to clients feels very rewarding.

Why People Should Hire Me 

My husband once asked me “how do you see yourself at the age of 50?”. I lingered around that question for few days and it occurred to me that even though I am a physician, I would like to be called as an artist when I die. At the age of 50, I will be content if I would have left many wonderful images in the world. All I crave for is that; not money, fame, or power. With such devotion to photography, I am confident that I can click pictures which will leave people in awe. When I am shooting weddings, all I care about is capture emotions which matter to family and friends and provide amazing pictures with my creative judgement. I try to capture each picture like an art piece.

How I Feel About My Clients

I feel tremendously happy and thankful that someone will put enormous trust on me to let me shoot their precious, once in a lifetime occasion. Although my quest of clicking images is my selfish interest, I am very well aware that the trust and love shown by my client comes with enormous responsibility. I am well aware that it is there day and it is all about them and not about me. That is the most important thing at the end of the day.